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The Dish on Facial Cleansing Devices

I’ve wanted to purchase a facial cleansing device for the LONGGGGEST, however these two things would stop me: 1) I couldn’t decide what to get  2) the PRICE. I finally narrowed my choices to these two: The Clarisonic and the Foreo Luna.


I decided to set my mind on getting the Foreo Luna and after much research it seemed like an all around better purchase….not having to worry about replacing brush heads which collect and harbor bacteria was my biggest factor in deciding. Also, the silicone on the Foreo Luna is more hygienic and made for easy cleaning of the device.

$139 (YIKES!)
An AMAZING alternative for a fraction of the cost!

This is the BEST! I’m so skeptical when trying new beauty/skincare products especially when they’re cheap but this is awesome.  15 T-sonic speed intensities, smaller nubs on the front for gentle deep clean and larger nubs on the back for facial massage. Charger included and supposedly you can use this for months on a single charge (I’m still verifying this claim, lol) however, so far I’m not disappointed. After each use my face feels super clean, soft and I LOVE how minimized my pores are since using this. This is a great dupe of the Foreo Luna Mini 2 so save yourself the extra cash.


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