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I Went From Red to BLONDE!

So, I rarely do hair posts BUT I felt so compelled to write one! A week ago I travelled all the way to DC from NYC just to have my hair color perfected. Yes, I am THAT serious about my hair. I found my colorist, Gina, on Instagram @1hairbygina and was totally blown away by her work. Aside from her being super talented and knowledgeable about the coloring process and textured hair, she was also incredibly sweet.

Being that I had been coloring my hair red for 2 years, the first step was the color removal process. Trying to strip out as much red as possible in order to limit brassy/red undertones in my blonde.  Here’s a couple before pics of my red hair.

After the color removal process was the bleach/color application. I never had bleach in my  hair before! My red color was done in a single process. I was nervous but trusted Gina. Following the bleaching/color process she applied the toner. Toner pretty much helps eliminate or at least subdue the brassy yellow (if naturally blonde) or orange (if naturally brunette) undertones left behind after melanin (what gives your hair its natural color) is removed. This was a super necessary step for me because my previous red hair would have left me with a brassy red hued blonde, a major no-no!

After this entire process (drumroll, please!) I came out with a lovely dimensional caramel blonde balayage that I’m TOTALLY in love with. Check out my after pics below! And, on that note, I leave you with these three points: 1) Do NOT try to do this on your own, I’ve worked in the haircare industry and have witnessed disasters, this leads me to 2) Seek a professional and check out their work. Instagram is great platform to find anything, especially if its beauty focused and I’m not just saying that because I’m a digital marketer, haha! and 3) Have fun and experiment! I was nervous about such a huge change but what I love about the beauty space is how it allows me to transform and express myself. Whether my canvas is my face or my hair I embrace it and I wear my creativity!






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